Thyroid Surgery Round One

To have or have not. For the first thyroid surgery, I was presented with a fast growing nodule that wasn’t going away, and just making itself more known to me. Ugh!
My gynecologist and endocrinologist both came up with the same surgeon’s name that would remove the nodule that seemed to be taking over my life, and they all wanted it out fast. So the surgery happened. Pretty scary not knowing what they might find. Going into it thinking about my family. And I had No clue about those little things called Parathyroids!
The surgery was a horizontal incision below the center of my throat. I woke up with a sore throat, not really able to talk well, but the nodule was benign, whew!
They removed one side of my thyroid, as the nodule was located inside on one half of the gland. I had one half left.
I was pretty tired for a few weeks, not knowing if it was just residual surgery drugs or the leftover part of my thyroid trying to adjust its function…… or both. I was put on 25 mcg. SYNTHROID (levothyroxine) to start, because the thyroid half I had didn’t seem to be supporting me enough after those weeks. But was it Synthroid I needed?


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