About me

For years I have had physicians suggest I share my thyroid journey, after all I have been dealing with thyroid related issues for over 20 years. I always felt it wouldn’t be of interest, until recently when a physician really persuaded me explaining that there is not enough thyroid info available to people.
I am not out to make a name for myself, so you can just call me the Thyroid Angel. You will also not read posts here that bash doctors, as I have read elsewhere on the internet. I have gained important information from all those I have dealt with through the years, and consider all my experiences valuable learning.
I welcome comments on the posts, and shared experiences. I am not a physician, or health care provider, and suggest you follow your own path for wellness. I simply hope that some little piece of my experiences may help someone in some way. Since this is a new site as of 7-15-17, I have a lot of input to do on it, please bear with me.